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More About Auto Services

Air Conditioning Recharge

Maintaining your car’s air conditioner is key to keeping cool in the hotter months. We provide a complete evacuation and recharge to ensure the proper amount of refrigerant for peak cooling and efficiency of your A/C system.

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Visual Brake Inspection

Your vehicle’s brake system is a critical safety system and symptoms should not go unchecked. Worn pads, rotors or other brake components can lead to compromised stopping abilities and reduced control while braking. If you hear squeaking or grinding when you brake, stop by your local Sears Auto Center for a free brake inspection. Keep control of your car and keep your passengers safe.

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Full Brake System Evaluation

A certified brake technician will perform a complete evaluation to inspect, measure and analyze rotors and drums with a micrometer, thickness and condition of pads and shoes, calipers and wheel cylinders, hardware, brake lines, hoses and more.

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Coolant Exchange

A coolant exchange replaces old coolant that might damage your engine from rust and corrosion. This will ensure your engine performs well in both hot and cold weather.

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Differential Fluid Exchange

Increase gear life by exchanging your differential fluid at Sears Auto Center. Our full synthetic gear oil will ensure your vehicle’s differential axle is getting the proper lubrication and cooling needed. Plus, it helps prevent corrosion and rust. Service available for 2-wheel- and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

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Electrical System

Your battery and charging system is responsible for starting your vehicle, recharging the battery after starting and supporting electrical loads when running. A malfunction within the starting system will make it difficult to get the engine running, which could lead to an unsafe situation or unexpected expenses such as having your car towed. Bring your car into Sears Auto Center. We have the equipment to test and fix your vehicle.

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Fuel System Cleaning

A regular fuel system cleaning lets your fuel flow freely, extends the life and performance of your car and restores fuel efficiency. Come in for a complete fuel system cleaning and improve your engine’s performance.

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Oil Change & Maintenance

There are a number of fluids that help cool and lubricate major components in your vehicle such as the engine, transmission and cooling system. Regular oil changes with Valvoline oil keep the moving parts of your vehicle’s engine lubricated and running smoothly.

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Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Come in for a power steering fluid exchange with high-quality synthetic fluid designed to extend the life of your power steering’s hydraulic system and helps protect against wear and noise.

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Starting & Charging System Evaluation

To ensure your engine is starting and running properly, periodic inspection and cleaning of the battery, belts and cables is necessary. Sears Auto Center will inspect and clean your cable ends and battery to ensure it's maintaining a full charge, as well as inspect fan/alternator and serpentine belts for signs of wear and proper adjustment.

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Transmission Fluid Exchange

Keep your transmission lubricated and shifting smoothly with Valvoline’s MaxLife™ ATF. Its seal conditioners help to prevent leaks, anti-wear agents for smoother shifts and advanced cleaning additives — keeping the transmission running properly longer. Stop by for a transmission fluid exchange and drive off smoothly.

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90-day Tire Balancing

Road conditions, tread wear, even weather can throw your wheels out of balance, creating a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. Stop by for wheel balancing service and let us fix any imbalances so you can ride smoothly down the road.

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Lifetime Tire Balancing

Just like our 90 Day Tire Balancing service, but includes free rebalancing as needed for the life of your tire.

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Tire Repair

Sears Auto Center does an internal patch/plug combination that will last the life of the tire, including a computerized spin balancing to ensure a smooth ride.

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Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires regularly can help even out tread wear and extend the life of your tires. Come into your local Sears Auto Center for a tire rotation and we’ll help you get the most out of your tires.

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Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems work together to ensure safe handling and a comfortable ride. Schedule a steering and suspension evaluation for your car today and drive off feeling brand new.

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Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle’s alignment is important to ensure confidence in handling, tire life and fuel economy. Every day driving, pot holes, curbs and worn steering and suspension parts all can affect your alignment. Schedule a courtesy alignment check at Sears Auto Center. We have industry-leading technology to assess and fix any alignment issues with your vehicle.

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Service Not Listed? Don’t worry.

As a complete auto service center, we offer these essential services and even more. And if you’re not seeing a specific service, give us a call at 888-819-6963 or contact your local Sears Auto Center.

  • Commercial Fleet Maintenance
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Hitch installation
  • Headlight restoration
  • Car top carrier installation
  • Internal engine cleaning