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5 Maintenance Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

5 Maintenance Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Most of us perform some form of spring cleaning, whether it’s in our homes, garages or closets, but your car also deserves its own form of seasonal care. When the cold, freezing temperatures finally disappear, it's important to perform these maintenance tasks to prep your car for spring. These five small preventive maintenance tasks can help prevent serious damage and save you significant money down the road.

Wheels & Tires– From deep pot holes to icy and snowy roads, your wheels take a serious beating throughout the winter months. If your car doesn't drive exactly straight or your vehicle pull one way more than the other it may be time for a wheel alignment. Make sure to also check your tread to ensure your tires are wearing evenly and your tire pressure to ensure your tires are inflated properly.

Wiper Blades– Get ready for those April showers by checking your windshield wiper blades for symptoms such as cracking, tearing and corrosion. Snow and ice can cause some hefty damage to your blades so replacing your windshield wipers is an inexpensive maintenance cost that will ensure you don't get caught blindly in the rain.

Fluids– Winter weather can affect the levels and quality of your car's essential fluids so consult your car's maintenance guide to see if some of your fluids need filling or replacing. If your last oil change was before the winter, it's a great time to check your oil levels as well as the quality of the fluid. It's also a good time to look into a transmission fluid exchange. Our technicians at Sears Auto Center can perform any necessary fluid services for you.

Brakes – Not many car parts are as important for your safety as your brakes, so getting them checked before that road trip is a key. Have a Sears Auto Technician check the pads and rotors to ensure there are no safety issues on the road ahead.

Wash the Winter Off– Sand, salt and gravel covers many roadways throughout the winter months, causing damage to your car's exterior and under carriage. You can minimize damage by washing your car all winter season, but performing a deep cleaning at the ender of the colder months can help avoid severe rust and paint damage.

Bring your car into your local Sears Auto Center today and let us perform a free multi-point inspection to help you diagnose any issues you might need to address before hitting the road this Spring.

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