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Find Tires that Drive Your Life

Low tread? Bulging? Is it time for new tires?

When it comes to your car or truck, there’s a lot riding on your tires. Most importantly – your safety. Over time and without proper maintenance your tires could eventually fail you while on the road – causing a hazardous situation for you and others. Shop for new tires or make an appointment.

If your tires are showing any of these signs, chances are it’s time for new ones:

  • Uneven wear and cracking
  • Tire tread is below 2/32 of an inch in depth
  • There are grooves, tracks or cuts in the sidewall
  • Bulges or blisters that extends outward from the rest of the surface

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  • Maintaining a healthy tire.

    Your tires are an essential part of your car or truck, so it is important to properly maintain them. Simple routine maintenance can help maximize mileage, safety and wear. This includes:

    • Tire pressure check
    • Rotation and balancing
    • Wheel alignment
    • And regular inspections
    Tire Evaluation
  • Tire rotation – going the distance.

    Your vehicle’s tires may wear differently depending on driving conditions, your driving style, and the state of your suspension. A regularly scheduled tire rotation can help:

    • Even out tread wear
    • Maximize traction on all four wheels
    • Extend the life of your tires

    It’s recommend to rotate your tires every 3,000 – 6,000 miles or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

    Tire Rotation
  • Tire balancing

    Even everyday driving can throw your wheels off balance, which can lead to uneven tread wear. By having your tires properly balanced regularly, you’ll help to ensure longevity of your tires and a more comfortable ride.

    Balancing services:

    • Lifetime Tire Balancing

      Free rebalancing for the life of your tire

    Tire Balancing
  • Flat tire repair.

    A tire leaking air is never a good thing. The experts at Sears Auto will inspect your damaged tire to determine if it can be repaired. The tire repair process we use is designed to ensure the repair will last as long as the tire does. And before sending you on your way, we’ll ensure the tire is balanced – for a smoother ride.

    Tire Repair

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Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Be Ready for a Road Trip or a Change in Weather

We offer a number of packages to help keep your vehicle healthy and performing at its peak. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, preparing your vehicle for a change of season or are just looking to have several services completed — our vehicle maintenance packages can help you save money and time.

Several Packages Available:

  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Road Trip Ready Package
  • Fuel Saver Package
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