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Car Air Conditioning Service by Sears Auto

A/C vent

Is my car’s air conditioning broken?

There’s nothing cool about cruising in warm, sticky weather when your car’s air conditioning is broken. From a leak to a worn out filter/condenser to loose wires and even excessive heat radiation from the engine — there are a number of reasons your air conditioning isn’t working the way it should.

We service nearly all vehicle makes and models.

Let us diagnose the issue and determine what repairs are necessary. Our service technician will:

  • Visually inspect and test the air conditioning compressor
  • Visually inspect and test accessible components for leaks or damage
  • Evacuate the system’s refrigerant
  • Vacuum test the system
  • Recharge the air conditioning system with the proper amount of refrigerant

Air Conditioning Service

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  • Air conditioning evacuation and recharge.

    We have the proper tools and experience to service your air conditioning system. We start by safely evacuating your vehicle’s refrigerant. Then we are able to recharge the system with the exact amount of required new refrigerant, according to the vehicle’s manufacturer. This process can also help to detect if there are any leaks in the system.

    A/C Knob
  • The facts about air conditioning related leaks.

    If your car’s air conditioning is not blowing cold, then the refrigerant may be low, caused by a leak or a system component that has failed. Over time leaks can get worse and damage other components, so it is important to have your vehicle serviced as soon as you think there is an issue with your air conditioner.

    Refrigerant leaks:

    • Most common sources include worn, inelastic or brittle seals, o-rings, hoses, loose fittings and connections
    • Can compromise more important parts of the system like the compressor and evaporator if not addressed
    • Are not good for the environment and are now government-regulated
    • R-134a is the current acceptable refrigerant used in most automotive
    A/C Refrigerant

Air Conditioning Recharge Pricing

Stay cool in your vehicle by replacing the refrigerant. Starting at $129.99

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