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How do I know I need a car tune-up?

Every vehicle needs a quality car tune-up. No matter if you drive the latest start-stop technology or a classic collector, regularly scheduled engine maintenance is key to helping extend the life of your car or truck, maintain fuel economy and prevent major issues from occurring down the road.

Determining when to get your car or truck engine maintained depends on a couple factors — vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation as well as mileage and age of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle is showing any of these signs, chances are you may need a tune-up:

  • Drop in gas mileage
  • Tough to start
  • Rough idle
  • Stalling
  • Jerking when vehicle shifts
  • Your car’s engine deserves quality maintenance.

    As vehicles have changed throughout the years, so have our tune-ups. Today’s car tune-ups are really part of your scheduled maintenance. We thoroughly inspect your car or truck for any issues as well as run a state-of-the-art diagnostic test to get a comprehensive analysis of your vehicles performance.

    Common parts replaced during a car tune-up:

    • Spark plugs
    • Plug wires
    • Air filters
    • Fuel filters
    • Oxygen sensors
    • Electronic control module components

    Adjustments to:

    • Engine timing and idle
    • Clutch (manual transmission only)
    Spark Plug

Car Tune-Up Options

From boosting car engine’s performance to better fuel economy, there are numerous benefits to having your car or truck tuned up.

Every car is different, which is why we don’t just give you a quote for a car tune-up over the phone or online. When you bring your car or truck in we evaluate it to determine exactly what is needed. And we provide you with an estimate before starting any work, so you’re in control of what work get completed.

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