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Dashboard with Check Engine light

Why is my Check Engine Light on?

Nothing strikes fear like your check engine light coming on. The symbol you’d like to ignore, but shouldn’t. This warning sign has the potential to keep a minor situation from becoming a major repair — so be sure to listen to your car when it tells you to check the engine.

Tip: Start simple and check your gas cap to make sure it is tightened correctly. This could eliminate any leaking fuel vapors and may turn your check engine light off.

Check Engine Light

There are a number of reasons why your check engine light will turn on, so it is important to bring your vehicle in to get a diagnostic test right away. Here are just a few common reasons:

  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Loose or damaged gas cap
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Failing mass airflow sensor
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Symbols worth getting to know.

    Your dashboard symbols provide essential information about your vehicle — either a sensor is broken, something is wrong or about to go wrong. Knowing what these warnings mean can help determine the severity of the situation.

    • TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

      If a tires pressure is down 25% or more, your TPMS light will turn on indicating that you need more air in one of your tires.

    • ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System

      While braking in slippery or hazardous conditions, this system prevents your vehicle from skidding out of control — by keeping your wheels from locking up.

    • Brake Light

      The brake light can be triggered from something as simple as your parking brake being engaged to more serious issues stemming from loss of brake fluids.

    • Oil Level

      This light means your oil pressure or oil level is low. Either way, you’ll want to check your oil as soon as possible.
      Oil Change

    • Battery Light

      This light indicates that there is an issue either with your battery or vehicle’s electrical system.

    • Traction Control System

      The traction control light tells you that your traction system has been activated due to slippery driving conditions.

    • Temperature Warning Light

      Your temperature warning light lets you know if your engine is overheating, which could mean your coolant level may be low.

Diagnostic Check Options

Free Engine Code Read

If any of your warning lights are on, stop in for a free code read.

Advanced Diagnostic Test*

Comprehensive computerized diagnostic test using the Genisys® tool.

  • Performs a complete system scan and document trouble codes in all vehicle systems
  • Reviews 9 modes of Global OBDII data, including: Readiness Monitors, Freeze Frame data, Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and Misfire data
  • Checks for factory Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) related to the condition or trouble code(s)
$89.99 * Available at most locations

Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Be Ready for a Road Trip or a Change in Weather

We offer a number of packages to help keep your vehicle healthy and performing at its peak. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, preparing your vehicle for a change of season or are just looking to have several services completed — our vehicle maintenance packages can help you save money and time.

Several Packages Available:

  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Road Trip Ready Package
  • Fuel Saver Package
Rules of the Road

Car Care 101 Rules of the Road by Sears Auto

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