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What does antifreeze/coolant do?

Much like you, your car or truck’s engine needs to be hydrated while running, especially in extreme weather. In order for your engine to maintain the desired operating temperature the cooling system needs to redistribute heat away from the engine. This is accomplished by circulating coolant from the engine and through the radiator.

Over time your antifreeze/coolant will start to break down from everyday usage and will stop protecting your cooling system properly. This could cause:

  • Major engine damage
  • Damage to the radiator
  • Damage to the heater core
  • Damage to cooling system components
  • Corrosion problems

Cooling System Service

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  • How do I know I need a coolant exchange?

    There are a number of factors that could determine if your vehicle needs it’s antifreeze/coolant replaced:

    • Doesn’t pass freeze/boiling point and pH test
    • Is contaminated with rust or other abnormal corrosives

    Be sure to consult your vehicle owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule or stop by Sears Auto Center and have our experts check and test the condition of your coolant.

    Warning Lights
  • Keep your car running cool and safe all year long.

    We’ll replace your vehicle’s old depleted antifreeze/coolant and replenish it with new. This will help your engine to stay hydrated and perform at optimal levels in warm and cool weather.

    Our service technician will check for:

    • Current mileage on vehicle
    • Scheduled maintenance requirements
    • Fluid contamination, sludge, rust
    • Visible scaling and corrosion in the radiator
    • Low coolant level
    • Leaks
    Coolant Reservoir Cap
  • Know your cooling system.

    The fluid used to cool the engine must have a very low freezing point and a high boiling point, as well as a quality corrosion inhibitor additive package. This will help keep your engine from overheating to avoid corrosion problems.

    Cooling System

Coolant Exchange Pricing

Maximize your engine efficiency in all weather conditions with a coolant exchange. Starting at $99.99

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