DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment

360° Vehicle Assessment. 360° Peace of Mind. Introducing DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment

Whether you’re selling, buying, or just maintaining your vehicle, the DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment is smart and easy way to find out the exact condition of your vehicle. With a comprehensive 120-point inspection, DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment can help you buy or sell with confidence and drive with peace of mind.

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Why DieHard 360° Vehicle Inspection?

Buying or selling?

  • Get an unbiased, third-party assessment of your vehicle’s true condition.
  • Feel confident knowing Sears Auto Center is a safe and neutral meeting place for buying or selling a vehicle.


  • Eliminate the surprise and sting of unplanned services and expenses down the road.
  • Get peace of mind knowing the exact condition of your vehicle.

Now I have peace of mind that my son’s car is 100% safe. – Marsha Here’s what three satisfied customers had to say about the DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment.

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What’s Included?


See your vehicle’s history report so you can ensure its accuracy in case you ever decide to sell.

Performance Snapshot

Featuring a computerized diagnostics check and comprehensive visual inspection.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

2-month free trial offer for eligible vehicles.

DieHard Service Electrical System Check

We’ll clean and inspect your starting and charging system for signs of wear.

Brake Evaluation

We’ll check for worn pads, rotor or other components that can lead to compromised stopping abilities.

Air Conditioning Check

We’ll perform a performance check of your system for fan operation, vent temperature and overall functionality.

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires regularly can help prevent uneven tread wear and extend the life of your tire.

Steering & Suspension Evaluation

We’ll make sure your steering and suspension aren’t adding to any alignment issues.

Exhaust Evaluation

We’ll perform a full inspection of your exhaust system to check for leaks.

DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment vs Performance Snapshot

  DieHard 360 Vehicle Assessment Performance Snapshot
  DieHard 360° Vehicle Assessment Performance Snapshot
Diagnostics Check
Comprehensive Visual Inspection
DieHard Service Electrical System Check
Brake Evaluation
Steering & Suspension Evaluation
Free Rotation
Air Conditioning Check
Exhaust Evaluation
Pricing $164.97 $79.99 Schedule DieHard 360° vehicle assessment Free Schedule DieHard Performance Snapshot