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What is differential fluid?

The differential is part of a larger system called the drivetrain, which transfers power evenly from your engine to all drive wheels and helps vary the amount of torque delivered. The differential is a special gear box that allows the drive wheels to rotate or turn at different speeds, which must happen in order for you to turn a corner smoothly. Differential fluid or differential oil keeps these gears lubricated so they function properly.

Why is it important to change the differential fluid?

Not only hauling or towing, but everyday driving causes elevated operating temperatures too, which can break down the differential fluid. This can lead to improper lubrication of your differential components — potentially causing premature damage and wear.

Differential Fluid Exchange Service

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Differential fluid exchange benefits.

Exchanging old differential fluid with new high-quality synthetic differential oil helps:

  • Reduce friction and extend the life of gears
  • Keep heat levels in check and prevent fluid break down
  • Replenish other additives that also aid in the efficient functioning of your vehicle

Your differential fluid should be changed regularly and replaced with new differential fluid recommended from your vehicle’s manufacturer.


Differential Fluid Exchange Pricing

Keep your differentials properly lubricated with a differential fluid exchange. Starting at $59.99

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