Fuel System Cleaning by Sears Auto

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Is it necessary to have my fuel system cleaned?

Dirt. Carbon. Gunk. When it builds up in your vehicle’s fuel system it can cause all sorts of problems, including preventing fuel from freely flowing through the system. This can cause performance issues and damage your car or truck’s engine. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may want to consider a fuel system injector cleaning:

  • Hesitant or sluggish engine
  • Engine sputters or is hard to start
  • Rough idle
  • Excessive fuel consumption

Keeping it clean has its benefits. Our fuel system cleaning service can help extend the life and performance of your car or truck — and keep it running good as new.

  • Smoother starts and idling
  • Improved engine performance
  • Helps prevent hesitation and enhances performance
  • Restores fuel efficiency
  • May help reduce exhaust emissions
  • Enhances engine lubrication

Fuel System Cleaning Service

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A multi-step service for one clean fuel system.

Our fuel system cleaning service will loosen and wash away dirt and deposits, which enables fuel to flow freely — maximizing your vehicle’s performance.

Service includes:

  • Cleaning the throttle plate and idle bypass circuits
  • Cleaning deposits from the intake manifold and valves
  • Cleansing carbon from the pistons and combustion chamber
  • Breaking up deposits from the exhaust valves
  • Loosening deposits from the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter

Fuel System Cleaning Pricing

Maximize fuel efficiency for your vehicle with a fuel system cleaning. Starting at $99.99

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