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What type of oil change is best for your car?

For over 90 years, Valvoline has been changing the oil change – inventing and reinventing motor oil. Their innovative products are the reason why we’ve built a trusting partnership with them – so we can provide our customers with high-quality oil technology that is formulated to perform, and at a competitive price.

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  • Conventional Motor Oil

    Excellent protection for everyday driving.

    Valvoline™ Premium Conventional Motor Oil Specially formulated for the full life of the engine.

    Formulation Benefits:

    • Keep the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation
    • Reduce oil consumption by fighting volatility and oil evaporation
    • Resist oil thickening by providing enhanced oxidation control
    • Improve gas mileage in the lower viscosity grades (5W-20 & 5W-30) by reducing friction
  • MaxLife Motor Oil

    Formulated to go the distance — regardless of your car’s age or mileage.

    MaxLife® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

    Fight the Four Major Causes of Engine Wear:

    • Reduced Power
    • Loss of Fuel Economy
    • Oil Leaks
    • Increased Oil Consumption

    Formulation Benefits:

    • Protection for Stop-and-Go driving and at start-up
    • Anti-wear agents help prevent engine damage
    • Seal conditioners help prevent leaks
    • Minimize oil consumption
    • Maximize power output
    • Resists thermal breakdown
    • Reduces deposit formation
    • Meets dexos1™ specifications for 5W-20 & 5W-30
  • SynPower Motor Oil

    Valvoline SynPower® Full Synthetic Motor Oil

    Don’t Let Engine Stress Steal Miles From Your Car

    SynPower Fights the Three Major Causes of Engine Stress:

    • Heat
    • Deposits
    • Wear

    Formulation Benefits:

    • Helps Improve Fuel Economy
    • Helps Maximize Horsepower
    • Highly Resistant to Viscosity Breakdown
    • For Use in Hard Working Engines
    • For Extreme (Hot & Cold) Driving Conditions
    • Meets dexos1™ specifications for OW-20, 5W-20 & 5W-30
  • Valvoline Engine Guarantee

    Valvoline Engine Guarantee℠

    Make every mile count. If your vehicle has 125,000 miles or less join the Valvoline Engine Guarantee Program.

Oil Change Pricing & Services

Oil funnel

Conventional Oil Change

Great for everyday driving.

Valvoline® Premium Conventional Motor Oil
Was $29.99
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MaxLife® Oil Change

Designed for use in majority of vehicles, regardless of age or mileage.

Valvoline® MaxLife High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Was $49.99
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SynPower® Oil Change

Valvoline’s ultimate protection and performance.

Valvoline® Full Synthetic SynPower Motor Oil
Was $69.99
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* $4.00 shop fee will be applied at the store except in CA, IL, MN, NY and PR

What’s included:

  • Up to 5 quarts of oil and standard oil filter
  • Lubrication of the chassis if necessary
  • Complimentary top off of power steering and windshield washer fluids
  • Complimentary tire inflation to recommended PSI
  • Complimentary Performance Snapshot that includes visual check of fluids, air filter, wiper blades, belts, and tires

What are the benefits of an oil change?

We can consider everything, from climate, to your vehicle and mileage, to the way you drive, before recommending which oil is right for your car.

Oil change benefits include:

  • Cleaner engine
  • Longer engine life
  • Lower vehicle emissions
  • Better gas mileage
  • Better engine performance

Which oil is right for me?

Valvoline® Premium Conventional Motor Oil MaxLife® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil SynPower® Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Helps extend engine’s life X X X
Helps reduce wear X X X
Helps combat sludge X X X
Helps control oil consumption and loss X X
Outstanding high temperature protection X
Exceptional low-temperature start-up protection X
Ultimate protection and performance X

Vehicle Maintenance Packages

Be Ready for a Road Trip or a Change in Weather

We offer a number of packages to help keep your vehicle healthy and performing at its peak. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, preparing your vehicle for a change of season or are just looking to have several services completed — our vehicle maintenance packages can help you save money and time.

Several Packages Available:

  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Road Trip Ready Package
  • Fuel Saver Package
Rules of the Road

Car Care 101 Rules of the Road by Sears Auto

Video: Oil 101

Video: Oil 101

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