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Automotive Filters

Keep the dirt where it belongs

Replacing your automotive filters (oil, air, and cabin air) over the life of the vehicle will keep dirt and contaminants out of the engine and your car – safeguarding your engine, your fuel tank and even the air you breathe.

Unlike some components, filters provide no visual or audible cue when they are under-performing, but the effects add up over time, causing harmful engine wear. Don’t wait thousands of miles to find out that a basic filter has failed to protect your engine.

How do driving habits relate to an oil and filter change?

Studies show most people think they drive their vehicle under “normal” conditions as defined by their vehicle’s owner’s manual. In reality “normal” driving conditions (mostly long highway trips) are very uncommon. The vast majority of automotive vehicles today are operated under “severe” driving conditions (around-town driving) that warrant shorter service intervals as defined by the vehicle manufacturer.*

For “severe” service, most owners’ manuals recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles and “normal” service every 6000 miles. However, what the owner’s manuals call “normal” operating conditions are not normal.

  • “Normal”* – 6,000 miles (very uncommon)
  • “Severe/Extreme”* – 3,000 miles (most drivers)

What constitutes “Severe” driving habits?

If any one of the following conditions apply, then you may be considered a “Severe” driver; multiples may indicate an “Extreme” driver.

  • Frequent short trips (4 miles or less)
  • Idling for long periods of time or stop-and-go traffic
  • Sustained driving in hot or cold temperatures (above 90F/below 50F)
  • Prolonged higher engine speeds
  • Towing – boat, travel trailer, utility trailer, jet ski, farm trailer, etc.
  • Dusty conditions – dirt roads, construction sites, off-road driving etc.
  • Driving on mountainous or steep terrain
  • Extreme humidity
*Filter Manufacturers’ Council TSB 04-1 and TSB-94-1.

Our Preferred Brand…

Purolator’s team of dedicated technical specialists and engineers have specific expertise in filtration technology. Their quality standards and German engineering processes combined with the ingenuity and industry knowledge of their American engineering team makes them the best choice for Automotive Filters.

For more information on Purolator filters please visit

Oil Filters

Oil filter

As the most important part behind your automobile, the engine deserves lots of care: if your car engine gives out, you’re going… nowhere and engine repairs can often involve complicated and time-consuming work by a technician. In addition to the contaminants produced by engine operation, dirt can get into the crankcase and metal particles can flake off internal engine parts and bearings. Changing your oil filter can help keep your engine healthy and smooth-running for a long time. To get the maximum performance out of your engine oil, use an oil filter that best meets the life expectancy and performance of your car.

At Sears Auto we have a full range of top quality filters to align with your driving style, maintenance needs and choice of oil.

Choose the best filter for your vehicle below.

Choose the best filter for your vehicle below. Elite Premium Basic
Ideal Oil Match**
Full Synthetic  
Semi Synthetic  
Driving Style
Extreme Climate    
Extreme Towing & Hauling    
Limted Towing & Hauling  
Stop & Go / City Driving  
Long Commute
Oil Change Interval
Up to 15,000 miles Up to 10,000 miles Up to 5,000 miles*
Dirt Removal Capacity
27 grams 15 grams 13 grams

*For greater engine protection a premium oil filter should be used with conventional oil. However, the premium filter does not extend the oil change interval recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer when conventional oil is used. **May be used with any oil type or viscosity When used with a full synthetic oil

Purolator Protects, Everyone. Choose the right filter for your vehicle.

  • PurolatorBOSS oil filters keep engines operating at peak performance with up to 99% Dirt Removal PowerTM
  • Up to 15,000 miles of engine protection
  • Conventional/high mileage/synthetic oil
  • PuroSEAL Gasket™ made of ethylene-acrylic for longer life
  • Double-helix metal center tube for optimal oil flow
  • Heavy duty BOSS Steel Casing™ for greater durability to withstand extreme pressure
  • PurolatorONE oil filters keep engines operating at peak performance with up to 99% Dirt Removal Power™
  • Up to 10,000 miles of engine protection
  • Conventional/high mileage/synthetic oil
  • Re-engineered high-density synthetic blend media
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve protects against dry starts
  • Wear-resistant metal end caps and center tube
  • PurolatorTECH oil filters keep engines operating at peak performance with up to 96.5% Dirt Removal Power™
  • Up to 5,000 miles of engine protection
  • Conventional/high mileage oil
  • Proven, highly efficient filtration performance under normal driving conditions (scroll to the top to learn more about normal driving conditions)
  • Multi-fiber high density media
  • Rugged internal construction

Why choose the premium or elite filter option?

While the oil cleans the engine, it’s important to remember that the filter cleans the oil! When choosing full synthetic or synthetic blend oil change service, only a superior filter like the premium or elite can offer the full benefits of your investment. Why?

  • Many newer vehicles require full synthetic or synthetic blend oils with longer drain intervals. Installing a premium or elite oil filter helps ensure optimum performance and engine protection.
  • Helps prevent premature engine wear hence, longer engine life
  • Provides coverage for service intervals exceeding 3,000 miles
  • Helps gets most life out of older vehicles by capturing smaller particles and contaminants than standard or economy filters*

Choose a premium or elite filter option and see yourself!

*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on PH1A and PL30001; and 25 microns on PSL30001
When used with a full synthetic oil

Air Filters

Air filter
Multi-fiber, high density media traps up to 99%* of harmful contaminants to protect the engine

Replacing your car’s air filter helps protect engines from premature wear, it improves acceleration and boosts overall engine efficiency. There are at least 5 main benefits of changing your air filter regularly; better gas mileage, reduced emissions, improved acceleration, increased engine life and overall improved drive-ability.

  1. Increased fuel efficiency:
    Replacing a dirty air filter increases fuel mileage on older carbureted cars. In addition, changing a clogged air filter can potentially increase acceleration up to 11%* on modern fuel-injected cars.
  2. Reduced emissions:
    Clogged air filters can reduce air flow to the engine. The filters multi-fiber, high-density media traps up to 99%* of harmful contaminants to protect the engine and increase air flow to the engine which allows it to operate efficiently reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions.
  3. Maximize engine life:
    The air filter is designed to trap dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts such as the cylinders and pistons. Engine damage can occur from particles as small as a grain of salt and result in costly repairs.
  4. Inexpensive and quick fix:
    An air filter is one of the least expensive maintenance components to replace and takes the least amount of time to replace by one of our qualified service technician.
  5. Easy to track:
    Air filters should be changed in accordance with manufacturer recommendations or more often in dusty driving conditions. A dirty air filter might appear clean but should still be replaced at the recommended intervals.
* U.S. DOE “Effect of Intake Air Filter Condition on Vehicle Fuel Economy.”

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filter

Change your cabin air filter and breathe in fresh air every time you drive!

Replace your Cabin Air Filter in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer and breathe fresh air every time you drive. Capture common pollutants that can cause health problems by removing allergens and airborne contaminants from entering your vehicle.

Purolator’s cabin air filters use electrostatic media* to help prevent harmful contaminants from entering your vehicle’s ventilation system

The multiple fiber layers in the air filter helps remove even the smallest particles providing clean filtered air. Particulate layer help restricts entry of large airborne particles into the A/C system.

When replacing an old clogged cabin air filter it helps remove the following contaminants from the air you and your family breathe:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dirt
  • Mold Spores
  • Odors
  • Allergens
  • Soot
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Dust Mites Dust Mites
  • Mold Spores Mold Spores
  • Allergens Allergens
  • Bacteria Bacteria
  • Dirt Dirt
  • Odors Odors
  • Soot Soot
  • Pollen Pollen

Change your cabin air filter to improve the air quality in your vehicle and breathe in fresh air every time you drive!

*May vary by application.
Rules of the Road

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