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How do I know I need my shocks and struts replaced?

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system consists of many different components, including your shocks and struts, which play a role to keep your ride smooth and safe as well as:

  • Help maintain consistent handling and braking
  • Keep your tires in contact with the road
  • Control spring and suspension movements
  • Reduce vehicle roll, bounce, sway, brake dive and acceleration squat
  • Prolong the life of other parts in the suspension
  • Prevent gradual deterioration of ride quality

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your shocks or struts may need to be replaced:

  • Poor or difficult steering response
  • Noises occur when steering
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Damaged/dented shock or strut
  • Excessive bouncing when driving
  • Front end nose dives when braking
  • Swaying or leaning during turns or lane switches
  • Worn, broken or damaged connector pins or bolts
  • Leaking fluids from shock or strut body

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  • What is the difference between shocks and struts?


    Shock absorbers are individual components of the suspension system. These hydraulic dampening devices are designed to limit or dampen the amount of spring you will experience while driving.


    Struts are major structural components of your vehicle’s chassis and suspension system. They act as shock absorbers and help control the up and down movements of the springs.

    Struts take the place of the upper control arm with the upper strut mount bearing the weight of the vehicle.

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When you bring your vehicle in, we will thoroughly inspect your steering and suspension system to evaluate exactly what repairs are necessary. If we find you are in need of new shocks or struts, you can count on receiving high quality products with a lifetime warranty on parts, for as long as you own your car. So if your vehicle isn’t riding as smooth as it used to, be sure to visit your nearest Sears Auto Center.

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