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Alignments 101

Alignments 101

Proper alignment is essential to preventing premature tread wear and keeping your car running safely down the road. Below, find some terms to help you understand the basics of alignments, and be sure to bring your car into Sears Auto Center for a free alignment checking, using our Hunter® alignment technology.

Alignment: involves adjusting the angles of the wheels on a vehicle so they are set to manufacturer specifications to ensure the vehicle travels straight down the road and reduce tire wear

Camber: the angle of the tire in relation to the road surface; influences directional control and tire wear, causing premature wear on either the inside or the outside of the tire, depending on the tilt direction

Caster: refers to the tilting of the uppermost point of the steering axis (either forward or backward); influences directional control of steering

Toe-in: the measurement of how much the front and/or rear wheels are turned in from a straight position

Toe-out: the measurement of how much the front and/or rear wheels are turned out from a straight position

Alignment Infographic

Hunter’s Hawkeye Elite™ alignment technology: allows us to diagnose a misaligned vehicle in 90 seconds or less. We’ll provide a comprehensive printout demonstrating your vehicle’s alignment status, as well as recall the manufacturer’s specifications for your vehicle and automatically reset the steering system sensors using CodeLink® scanners. 

Hunter Alignment Printout

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