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Now Offering Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Now Offering Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Sears Auto Centers are proud to offer premium ceramic brake pads as part of our new Platinum 1460 Brake Service. Our premium ceramic brake pads are a great option for drivers who seek ultra-quiet, low dust stopping power with an enhanced 4-year, unlimited mileage and noise-free warranty. The premium pads provide shorter stopping distance on most Asian and American vehicles, while the stopping distance on European platforms is virtually equal. Additionally, our premium ceramic pads offer better than OE ceramic friction formulation for longer rotor and pad life, an enhanced multi-layer shim for noise absorption and cancellation, and a powder-coated backing plate which serves as a corrosion inhibitor. New hardware (where applicable) and slots and chamfers that match OE design reduce noise and vibration and prevent uneven pad wear.

These new pads are available as part of our Platinum 1460 Brake Service package, complete with a 4-year, unlimited mileage and noise-free warranty. The service includes a complete brake evaluation, installation of the new ceramic pads and reconditioning of rotors.

To schedule your brake service, call or stop into your local Sears Auto Center, or schedule your appointment online at

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