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Road-Trip Fun For The Whole Family

Road-Trip Fun For The Whole Family

Summer vacations often require long road trips to arrive at your version of paradise. This can mean a lot of time in the car, and what better way to fill the void than with a fun family game. After all, the long and winding road can become a little mundane. So get creative, and you’ll find your car filled with laughter.

Here at Sears Auto Center, we compiled a list of our 5 favorite road trip games for you to play in the car with family or friends. 

  1. The License Plate Game  This one has geography, art, and fun all built into one. All you have to do is print out a map for each of your children. Every time they spot a new plate, they color in the state. Whoever fills their map in first wins. Not only does it help pass the time, but it’s also a good opportunity for kids to learn different state license plates.  
  2. I Spy  I Spy is an oldie, but definitely a goodie – and it can be even more fun in the car. It’s pretty simple – one person selects an object in the vehicle and gives clues to the other passengers like the object’s color, the first letter of the object, or what the name of the object rhymes with. First one to “spy” the correct item goes next!   
  3. The Spelling Bee  Everyone in the car takes a turn spelling a word of someone else’s choosing – if they spell it wrong, they’re out. If they spell it right, they stay in. The last speller standing is king or queen of the road. The car spelling bee is great because your kids will learn something new while staying entertained. Is there anything better than that? 
  4. Group Stories  A group story is a great way to bring out your family’s creative side. And it’s also a fun way to bring your destination or surroundings into the tale. One person in the car begins the game by coming up with a starting point, something like “One day, Peter was walking in the woods…” After that, each person takes turns adding to the opening line in whatever way they want. The story ends whenever the whole family wants, or perhaps it never ends! 
  5. 20 Questions  We’ve saved our favorite, and most classic, for last. Everyone knows 20 Questions, but here’s a refresher: One person thinks of something, anything (a person, place, or thing – so a famous actor, a type of fruit, a restaurant, etc.), and it’s up to the rest of the passengers to guess what it is. The catch? You guessed it, they must do so by asking a maximum of 20 questions. 

So as you blaze your road-tripping trail this summer, try out a few of our favorite games to play in the car. The kids will stay entertained, might learn a thing or two, and before you know it you’ll be pulling into your relaxing vacation destination. As they say, time – and the miles – fly by when you’re having fun!

Wherever your summer road trip plans take you, be sure to schedule an appointment at your local Sears Auto Center before you hit the road to ensure your vehicle is road trip ready! 

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