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Road Trip Towing like a Pro

Road Trip Towing like a Pro

80 percent of American families are planning on taking a road trip this summer. This means transporting loads of luggage across loads of miles. And the space in your car and trunk alone won’t always provide the room you need to get your gear to your vacation destination. Here are some tips for safely getting your towables where they need to go.

Towing Heavy Luggage
Your car will likely be cramped with friends and family, and pets, so you may need to store that extra luggage on top of your vehicle with a Car Top Carrier from Sears Auto Center.

A sturdy and easy-to-install car top carrier from X-Cargo or Thule is a great option for golf clubs, skis, camping equipment, and more. So you can enjoy your road trip comfortably while knowing your prized cargo is safely secured and protected from the elements.

When purchasing a carrier, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • The size and quantity of items you’ll be carrying, especially larger items.
  • Ease of loading/unloading and installation/removal.
  • What to do when your carrier is not in use.
  • The level of security and protection needed to support your cargo.
  • The size of carrier you need depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

The Car Top Carrier Box is a terrific option, but it’s sibling, the Car Top Carrier Bag might be even more suitable for your trip. Both have unique advantages. A hard-top, car top carrier box offers optimal storage capacity, as well as strong protection from a variety of weather conditions. But the soft-top, car top carrier bag is the perfect option if you’re looking to extend your light-duty hauling capabilities. The soft-tops also don’t always necessitate a roof rack.

Whichever carrier you choose, you can count on Sears Auto Center to find a superb option.

Towing Other Large Items
Of course, not every item you want to bring on your vacation can fit in a Car Top Carrier, which is why Sears Auto Center offers specialty towing items to make sure everything you need gets to your vacation destination safely as well.

Need to tow your boat or camper to your truck? We’ve got a great option for you. Heading on a mountain biking trail excursion with the kids? Check out our selection of bike racks and exterior accessory to get them there safely. Or maybe you’re hitting the rapids on a fun kayaking trip with friends. We’ve got you covered there as well.

Whatever your vacation requires you to bring along to experience a wild adventure or just some peace and quiet, Sears Auto Center will get your equipment exactly where it needs to go safely and soundly. Be sure to make an appointment with Sears Auto Center today for more information!

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