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Should Bear Be Buckled Up?

Should Bear Be Buckled Up?

For dogs and dog owners alike, a ride around town on a breezy summer afternoon can be quite a joy. But it’s important to keep your pup in a seatbelt or other vehicle safety restraint. As much as they might want to pop their heads out the window or pop around the back seats, driving with your pet unrestrained can present a number of unsafe situations for both of you.

Maybe Fifi likes to hang her head out the window. But she risks being injured by wayward debris. Or when your excited puppy, Bailey, jumps out the window? In the event of an accident, a released airbag can hurt Spot sitting in the front seat, and Max – a 60-pound lab – can become a 3,000-pound projectile.

As a safe driver, you always try to limit distractions. Usually that means something like not texting while driving, but letting Buster roam freely in your car presents plenty of potential for distraction as well.

According to a study, more than 60% of drivers become distracted by their dogs while driving. These distractions can lead to serious injuries for the car’s occupants.

So, to answer the question “Should you ‘buckle up’ your pup while driving?”, the answer is “absolutely.” Putting Spot in a seatbelt not only keeps him securely in place and safe, doing so can also keep you safe from the potential dangers caused by distraction. And you certainly don’t want it to be the cause of harm to other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Dogs love going for car rides, and dog owners love their company on a pleasant summer drive. But this summer, and every summer, keep yourself and your dog safe by ‘buckling up’ your pup.

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