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Sounds That Indicate Worn Brake Pads

Sounds That Indicate Worn Brake Pads

Screeching, Squealing and Grinding: When to Check Your Brake Pads


Like creaky joints or a squeaky door hinge, life has a way of letting you know when things need to be replaced.

This is precisely why you should never ignore sounds coming from your car, especially your brakes. If you hear these noises, there’s a good chance you need brake repair service.

Screeching or Squealing: If your car makes a screeching or squealing sound when you step on the brakes that doesn’t go away even after the brake is released, you probably need to replace your brake pads.

Grumbling or Grinding: If you hear a grumbling, grinding, clunking sound while the brake is applied, you guessed it, you definitely need to get your brake pads checked.

These sounds are a clear indicator that something is wrong with your brakes. Most likely, the pads have been worn down to less than 3 mm, causing the caliper to rub against the rotor. That delightful squealing sound is metal grinding on metal.

How Often Should I get my Brake Pads Checked?

A good rule of thumb is to have your brake pads checked at every oil change, and replace them every 30,000 – 35,000 miles. The rate at which brake pads deteriorate depends on a couple things, including the weight of your vehicle and where and how you drive. A driver with a lead foot, zipping from stoplight to stoplight on city streets will wear down their pads much faster than a driver who spends most of their time on the freeway.

Your car’s brake system is the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. For more information on keeping your brakes in tip-top shape, check out our video, Braking Better. You can also learn about brake fluid and the difference between ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads. As always, be sure to schedule an appointment for a brake check at your local Sears Auto Center.


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