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Symptoms You Need Your Brakes Checked

Symptoms You Need Your Brakes Checked

Your brakes are an essential component in keeping you, and other motorists on the road, safe. Brake systems need regular maintenance, just like any other part of your car. Components like brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums can wear down over time, while brake fluid can age or become contaminated, lessening its effectiveness. Our experts recommend a brake fluid exchange every 12-24 months or as specified by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure fresh, properly functioning brake fluid.

If your brakes are making weird or unusual noises, it’s probably time for a brake system evaluation. While most auto centers offer a brake inspection consisting of a visual check of the brake pads and shoes, Sears Auto Center’s brake evaluation offers a thorough and complete analysis of all brake system components. 

Below are some common brake symptoms you might experience, and what they can mean for your brake system: 

Symptom: Unusual noise

  • Worn brake pads 
  • Faulty brake hardware 
  • Worn rotors 
  • Sticking caliper 
  • Worn parking brake 
  • Worn bearings 

Symptom: Pedal or steering wheel vibration

  • Worn brake pads 
  • Warped rotor 
  • Worn bearings 

Symptom: Weak or spongy pedal feel

  • Low brake fluid 
  • Contaminated brake fluid 
  • Worn brake pads 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your car into Sears Auto Center for a FREE brake evaluation during the month of May (a $15 value). Call or go online to to schedule your service at your convenience.

Brake Pad and Rotor Repair Infographic

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