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The 411 about Fuel System Cleaning

The 411 about Fuel System Cleaning

Has your car been hesitant or sluggish to start? Is your engine sputtering? Do you feel your car is getting increasingly worse on gas mileage? It may be time to take a look into having your fuel system cleaned. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, fuel system cleaning services are necessary to restore performance and improve drivability.

Fuel System Overview

In order to understand what a fuel system cleaning does for your car it’s helpful to understand what actually makes up your fuel system. The system begins with the fuel tank, also known as the gas tank, which serves as the storage space for your car’s fuel. The fuel line is responsible for bringing fuel from the fuel tank to your car’s engine. Propelled by the fuel pump, fuel passes through the fuel filter in order to prevent dirt, grit, rust and other debris from clogging up the fuel system. Once through the filter, fuel is pushed into the fuel injector and a small solenoid, controlled by your car’s computer, sprays the right amount of gas into the combustion chamber. Your spark plugs then ignite fuel air mixture to help power your car.

So how does this all relate to needing a fuel system cleaning? As you saw above, your car’s fuel injector takes the fuel from the fuel pump and breaks it down into very small particles that can easily mix with air for complete ignition and combustion in the engine.

In order to have the smoothest ride possible, the spray from your fuel injector needs to easily flow through. Each time you turn your car off, tiny amounts of residue are left on the tips of the injector. This residue can continue to build up over time resulting in a reduced flow from the accumulated varnish, gasoline, engine tar and fuel deposits. As this residue continues to clog the nozzles, the mixture doesn’t fully ignite, causing issues such as a loss in power, hindered gas mileage, rough idling and improper air-fuel mix.

To ensure your fuel system continues to operate effectively, consult your vehicle manufacturer service guide for recommended cleaning intervals or stop into Sears Auto Center and allow one of our highly-trained technicians to evaluate your vehicle. During our fuel system cleaning service, our technicians will loosen and wash away all dirt and deposits, which enable your fuel to flow freely resulting in maximum vehicle performance. Upon completion you’ll not only have a smoother you’ll also have reduced exhaust emissions and increased fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump. 

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