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The Importance of Brake Fluid

The Importance of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in brake applications for automobiles and light trucks. Used to transfer force under pressure from the brake pedal through hydraulic lines to the brake components near the wheels, brake fluid must have a high boiling point in order to combat the extreme heat produced by braking and remain effective in freezing temperatures. The experts at Sears Auto Center recommend a full brake fluid exchange in accordance to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your brake fluid fresh and ready to do its job.

Brake fluid is affected by a number of factors. Age of the brake fluid, the level of corrosion inhibitors, and environmental and driving habits all contribute to when your brake fluid will need to be replaced. Additionally, moisture that gets into the brake fluid can deplete corrosion inhibitors and speed up corrosion of the brake system. When brake fluid loses its corrosion inhibitors, it cannot cool the brakes properly. Studies show that by 36 months, some brake fluids have lost 91% of their corrosion inhibitors. To protect your brakes and vehicle, bring your car into Sears Auto Center for a brake fluid exchange.

While brake maintenance services parts of your brakes like the calipers, pins and parking brake pads, a brake fluid exchange removes the brake fluid from the master cylinder reserve and brake lines. The master cylinder reserve is then wiped clean and filled with new manufacturer approved brake fluid. The old fluid in the brake lines is evacuated and replenished until fresh fluid is flowing from each wheel location. By exchanging the old fluid and replacing it with new fluid, you ensure your brake fluid can adequately combat the heat produced by braking and increase the life of your brake system.

Bring your car into Sears Auto Center today to have an expert technician examine your brake fluid.

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