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Tips for Safely Navigating Fall Roads

Tips for Safely Navigating Fall Roads

4 Fall Driving Hazards

Ask people what their favorite season is, and you can bet many will say fall. It’s the season for football games, pumpkin spice everything and gorgeous foliage. It’s also the season for fog, frost and roads jammed up with people trying to sneak a peek at the fleeting fall colors. Here are some important things to watch out for when driving this fall.

Be Cautious Around Fog

As fall mornings get cooler, fog becomes more common, especially in low areas surrounded by trees, water, hills or mountains. Dense fog can be a huge distraction and can greatly impact your visibility. If driving through fog makes you feel like you want to turn on your high beams, don’t. High beams can bounce off fog, creating even more distracting glare. Even though turning on your brights is tempting, it’s safer to stick to low beams.

Watch out for Frost + Ice

Fall’s changing temperatures mean cooler nights and frosty mornings. You don’t need us to tell you how dangerous frost can be. Make sure your brakes and tires are in good shape and ready to handle any ice that might come your way. Pay close attention when driving on areas where frost and ice are common, like bridges, overpasses and roads that don’t get regular sun.

Steer Clear of Deer

Every year there are approximately 1.25 million deer-vehicle crashes in the United States, resulting in over 10,000 injuries. Since fall is mating season for deer, it’s pretty common to see an influx of deer running across busy highways or country roads. While some crashes might be avoidable just by paying better attention to the road, other crashes are simply unavoidable.

According to experts, when you’re coming upon a deer that is about to run into the road, don’t swerve. Many times, it’s actually safer to just go ahead and hit it. Swerving can cause larger accidents and can inevitably involve more vehicles, more people and more damage. Hit the brakes, but only if nobody is behind you. As always, make sure your lights, brakes and tires are in good condition, and always wear your seatbelt.

Enjoy the Leaves… Carefully

Yes, a majestic landscape of brilliant fall foliage is great to look at, but don’t rubberneck too hard. Slowing down on major highways to enjoy the scenery can cause traffic jams and accidents. Fallen leaves can also present dangers of their own. When wet, they can make the roads super slippery, and can even hide hazards like potholes and cracks.

For more information on tire safety or to get your vehicle checked before your fall travels, schedule an appointment at your local Sears Auto Center. At Sears Auto, we put your life in drive.

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