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Transmission Fluid: The Other Dipstick

Transmission Fluid: The Other Dipstick

Since you've first been able to drive it's been constantly drilled into your head that it’s important check your oil on a regular basis, but how often have you thought about looking at the other dipstick in your car? In fact, many of us might not even know what that the other dipstick is actually for your transmission fluid and changing your car's transmission fluid is an extremely important maintenance task that shouldn't slip off your radar.

Transmission Fluid Overview

It helps to think of transmission fluid like a lifeline. A slippery liquid that coats all of the moving parts inside your transmission, transmission fluid is designed to cool and lubricate your transmissions internal parts so the gears can shift smoothly without tearing them to shreds. Transmission fluid also acts as the hydraulic fluid needed to power your vehicle.   Maintaining your vehicle's transmission fluid is crucial in preserving the life of your transmission which if neglected can result in an extremely hefty repair.

Your transmission fluid doesn't need to be changed nearly as often as your car's oil and it often varies by car make or model. While you should always double check with your vehicle's owner manual, most manual transmission fluids need to be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles while automatic transmission fluids may not need to be changed until 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Factors such as hard use, frequent stop-and-start driving or heavy hauling will also accelerate the process of your transmission fluid's breakdown, calling for more frequent changes.

Like most other vehicle fluids, transmission fluid deteriorates over time. The additives in the transmission fluid can become depleted leaving your fluid oxidized and contaminated. If you don't change your transmission fluid you'll be lubricating your transmission with metal shavings and contaminants, which will ultimately shorten the life of your transmission and result in a costly repair fee.

If you can't remember the last time that you got a transmission fluid exchange service it's probably a good time to get it checked and most likely changed. At Sears Auto Center, our technicians extract your old transmission fluid through your vehicle's dipstick and remove up to 90 percent of the old contaminated fluid. This ensures that the contaminants are extracted and replaced resulting in a clean transmission with improved performance and efficiency.

Stop by your local Sears Auto Center today and let our technicians assess if your car is in need of a transmission fluid exchange. 

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