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If part of your year is spent driving in a winter wonderland that’s covered with snow, ice and sleet — then winter tires could be a great option for you. Winter, or snow tires provide a number of benefits in extreme wintery conditions. So if the weather outside is frightful — winter tires from Sears Auto Center can make your drive more delightful!

  • Better Control

    Winter tires offer better traction control during snowy and icy driving conditions which enhances your starting and stopping performance.
  • Better Grip

    Winter tires are designed with a unique technology, which allows them to stay flexible in freezing temperatures — improving traction and grip, even during braking.

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  • Seasons change. So should your tires.

    It’s extremely important to know which tires are right for your car. It’s also important to understand the type of weather conditions you’ll be experiencing year round. If you’ll be driving through harsh winter conditions regularly, winter tires might be right for you.

    • Perform best in cold weather during severe winter conditions
    • Provide enhanced grip and control during extreme winter weather, even when braking
    • Remove tires when temperatures are consistently above 7°C or 45°F to help maximize tires tread life
    Winter Tire
  • The truth is in the technology.

    • Tread

      Winter tires deliver 25-50% more traction in snow and ice than All Season tires. Their deeper and more open tread design allow for more traction when driving through substantial amounts of snow.

    • Grip

      Designed with silica-based, micro pore rubber compounds, winter tires retain their pliability in cold temperatures. This technology allows the tire to remain flexible so more rubber can grip the road, ultimately providing better traction and control.


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We offer a number of packages to help keep your vehicle healthy and performing at its peak. Whether you’re getting ready for a road trip, preparing your vehicle for a change of season or are just looking to have several services completed — our vehicle maintenance packages can help you save money and time.

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